Meet Baby Seaver!

What an adventure we had!

Baby Seaver was welcomed into this world quickly....right after we did his mama's maternity photos, along he came sooner than expected. Little did we know, there was an ice hurricane on his heels.. He will forever be remembered as the little guy who brought with him a 100 year storm, below freezing temperatures, and no power and water. Luckily this little family with a NEWBORN was able to get some warm cuddles {more than I can say for most} and I finally got to make it over to do their "lifestyle newborn" session.

I love these because they capture the real moments and the baby gets to be snuggled the ENTIRE time. Who doesn't want that for their little one!?

We even got to catch Mason and Kallen in action as big brothers loving on the little guy.

++++ Studio Fun

We also got to let little Seavy take center stage a week later in our in-home studio. I LOVE how these turned out too! He will for sure be used to the camera and getting his picture taken after this fun photography adventure we' had!

Thank you to Karmen and Cody for sharing this little fella with me. I can't wait to squeeze him again <3